The taste you crave. The attention you deserve. 

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Food is only as yummy as the last bite. If it doesn't melt in your mouth, it shouldn't be on your plate.


Because we are a small, independent company we have the liberty to cater specifically to your needs, when we show up you are our only priority.   


Valor Catering is a stepping stone to the Brodocks family vision- a cooking school for kids who age out of foster care. To learn more about their vision visit:


The family has been in the catering business for a combined experience of 30 years.

Like what you see?

view our portfolio- let our work tell our story. (p.S. bring snacks)

About Valor Farms

Valor Catering is a culmination of Italians living in the South, years of practice and the fervent desire of the Brodock family to be agents of change in the community. The kitchen is attached to their little cottage, perched atop Straight Mountain in beautiful Blount County, where they craft one of a kind masterpieces and specialty desserts for local eateries.

services include

Specialty Cakes

Designer Cookies

Full Course Meals

Light & Heavy Hor d'Ourves

Full Serving Staff