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Light Hor Deorvours 

$1 per serving 

Vegetable Display
The perfect alternative to the traditional veggie tray, this display boast vibrant colors and delicious in season vegetables, wow your guest with a unique and one of a kind work of edible art. Comes with ranch dipping sauce.

Caprese Bites
Fresh mozzarella cheese layered with garden ripe tomato and basil, drizzled with an aged balsamic vinaigrette.

Pimento Cheese
A blend of southern spices, sharp cheddar cheese and the perfect hint of mayonnaise makes this dish a Southern classic. Served in a bowl with a side of tortilla chips.

Cheese and Crackers
An assorted tray of Monterey, Pepper Jack & Sharp Cheddar, paired with wheat, butter and table crackers.

Sundried Tomato Pastry Pinwheels
A creamy cheese spread and sundried tomatoes rolled in buttery puff pastry, baked to perfection, the best finger food.

Chicken Salad Phyllos
Our signature chicken salad, a blend of all white meat chicken breast, grapes, a hint of lemon and a perfect symphony of spices, in miniature baked phyllo cups.

Homemade Cheese Straws
These little sticks are the chefs favorite. An eclectic mix of spices and cheeses make these a notch above the classic cheese straw.

Goat Cheese with Dried Fruit & Cashews
Amish goat cheese paired with sweet dried apricots, cranberries and white grapes and topped with salty crunch of cashews.


Hearty Hor 'Doeurves

$2 per serving

Fruit Display

A bright arrangement of the season's freshest produce on display over crisp leaf lettuce. This fruit only masterpiece is as tasteful as it is visually appealing.

Alabama Caviar
This delicious mix of marinated black eyed peas, cilantro, corn, onion and spices is everything you’d expect from Alabama. Served with tortilla chips.

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Bites
Thinly sliced smoked salmon perched atop a creamy dill spread served on a crisp slice of Burpee cucumber.

Shrimp Shooters
Wild caught shrimp, freshly boiled and served in little shot glasses. Complimentary lemon butter or cocktail sauce.

Sweet & Sour Meatballs
Swedish meatballs made of lean beef, simmered in a classic, savory sweet and tangy sauce.

Spinach Artichoke Dip
Served hot or cold, our creamy spinach artichoke dip is real deal, everyone's favorite appetizer. Served with sea salt baked pita chips.

Mini BBQ Sausages
An American classic, these little smokies are served in a honey bbq sauce we make in house.

Crispy Chicken Bites
These crispy chicken bites are all white meat chicken breast, baked to perfection and served by themselves with honey mustard, mesquite bbq or our homemade ketchup.

Sausage Balls
A savory classic, served warm or room temperature. Served with our secret sauce.

The Rammer Jammer
A crusty roll piled high with smoked pork shoulder and freshly whipped up coleslaw.

The “Hay Jack!”
Spiral cut ham and pepper jack cheese, a thin slice of pineapple and a whisper of honey served a whole wheat Hawaiian roll.

Chicken Mini’s
Our crispy chicken bites served hot on a Hawaiian roll.

BLT Bites
Everything you love about a fresh bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich in a single mouthful. Crispy bacon, spicy remoulade, garden fresh lettuce, vine ripe tomatoes- on toast.

Baked Cheese Dip
Baked, served hot, creamy, spicy, hearty. This cheese dip brings all the boys to the yard.

Mini Chicken Salad Croissants
Our signature chicken salad on freshly baked croissants.




When ordering Hor'Doeuvers there is a minimum of 25 servings. 
$50 Delivery Fee